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Hardware Integration

    We are not a computer store. We do not hoard hardware and push what we have onto the customer. Our job is to  define what the clients requirements are and propose the necessary equipment to fit their needs. Listing our manufacturers would be a daunting task because we have no purchasing habits. We simply get authorized as we have a need for a product. A short list of what we can and have provided would be: servers (rack and pedestal), racks, desktop workstations (custom and boxed), CAD workstations, laptops, tablets, high output printers, department printers, barcode printers, wired scanners, bluetooth scanners, bluetooth printers, wireless/bluetooth accessories, switches, hubs, cables, receipt printers, ID scanners, uninterruptable power supplies, backup devices, backup tapes, RDX drives, hard drives, video cards, memory, processors, power supplies, monitors, video splitters, cameras,  wifi access points, routers, ... You get the idea. We've even integrated and worked on manufacturing equipment with built in servers.