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Training and Support
Systems always work seamlessly and flawlessly, right?

       In a perfect world that statement is true. Too bad this isn't a perfect world (I'm just saying). Nothing is ever as easy as they say or works the way it is supposed to all the time. There is no true "one stop shop" where 1 company creates the hardware, operating system, and all software. Therefore, you will have problems and questions (who am I kidding, even if you were able to get everything from one source there will be problems). Sometimes you just have to "think outside the box" to  resolve what suppliers say are going to "integrate with no problems" or when you are working with differring versions of equipment and software. We can't say that we will always find a perfect solution, but we usually can find an acceptable solution. This is really what differentiates companies and is the most vital portion of any system. Well that and system backups! Training and support differenciates a successful system integration from one that flounders.