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Customizable Accounting and Manufacturing Software
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Whether it be flat files for small companies,SQL based systems for larger companies or cloud based solutions for clients that do not want the system backup and maintenance issues, Alere Accounting and Manufacturing Systems by TIW Corp are a proven system that continues to grow in size and scope in a modular fashion so you can pick and chose those modules required for your needs.
We believe the most powerful piece you can get in a business system is the sourcecode. Large companies are not going to expose themselves to the quirks of a "canned" package and with Alere's price point, you don't have to either.
"What will your accounting system needs be in 5 years?" Without having access to the sourcecode for your system, the next best thing is to hire a Guru to see into the future to tell you what your needs will be then because "canned" packages cannot be changed. You will end up having redundant entry and data in mulitple systems that do not integrate or communicate.