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Custom Application Programming
Take Control of Your Systems and Your Future !!
      With custom application programming, you can get what you want instead of what the "canned" programs will give you now and in the future. "Canned" programs have to be written in a more generic fashion to appeal to the most customers. Heaven forbid if your needs and wishes do not align with "the masses". 
         Having been in business for over 30 years, we have amassed quite a variety of applications from various industries from Fortune 500 companies to "Mom and Pops". A sampling would be: Auto Insurance Salvage Pool, Truck Stop distribution, Gauge Lab tracking for international company, Salesperson Analytics for international company, Vehicle collision repair application for international company, national handheld remote ordering system, Dozens of EDI interfaces - integrations, barcode inventory receipt and tracking systems including for electronic serial numbers, warranty and return tracking for international company, custom steel - hinge - tank applications, custom housing supplier applications.......

The list just goes on and on.