When dealing with computerized systems,              the only thing that's constant is change! 
  Compusolv was founded in 1986 to do contract programming for various businesses. We quickly turned into full service consultants and systems integrators. We have developed solutions for many companies including manufacturers, distributors, retail, point of sale, and service industries. We have expertise in many products and platforms and have won multiple industry awards.
   One of our main product lines for accounting clients consists of modular units of the Alere Accounting and Manufacturing Systems. We are licensed to the source code for this line of software. What this means to the client is that we can change the software to better fit your business instead of you changing your business to fit the software. We find this approach to be the most flexible alternative. One question we pose to prospects is    "What will your accounting system needs be in 5 years?" Without knowing how your business will change in the future, how can you select the perfect system for the future. Fortunately, with this software, we can change and grow the software in the ways appropriate at the time.
    Compusolv is various things to our customers. The services we offer depend on the requirements and capabilities of our customers. For many we are their "external IT department," handling all hardware, software, network support and documentation. For some we strictly handle the accounting systems for them. Others, we handle custom applications or network integration. We are flexible enough to provide as many or as few services as our client dictates. By using an outside source such as ourselves, the customer can afford to have programming capabilities if and when they are required. In this way they also get our expertise of working with a multitude of clientele with varying but similar requests and business situations. We can provide custom programming, hardware, software, training, consulting, and integrated systems. We work under Windows and Unix network environments. We can integrate      barcoding, electronic data interchange (EDI), handheld/tablet devices for data entry and inventory control, remote locations and communications, and data acquisition for job shop environments. Data conversion is also an important part of our services.